Contact the Dorothea Dix Conservancy Group

This is an email written to Dorothea Dix Conservancy Group letting them know that you stand with NC Farmers and the Raleigh State Farmers Market. Fill in your name and email address and click send. We will keep your email and keep you informed of future things as we progress.

    I am writing to express my opposition to a plan you funded that would fundamentally change the face of the Raleigh State Farmers Market in ways that are not reflective of the mission of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. Their stated mission is: To provide services that promote and improve agriculture, agribusiness and forests; protect consumers and businesses; and conserve farmland and natural resources for the prosperity of all North Carolinians.

    The Raleigh State Farmers Market, which was once again voted as a top destination by readers of the News and Observer in 2019, supports local farmers, local charities, and the community-at-large. The multi-generational family businesses who call the market home have worked for decades to further the mission of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture while meeting the needs of North Carolinians from the Triangle to the coast.

    Developers believe the “cost of the dirt” the market sits on is more important and valuable than the businesses that occupy it. I respectfully disagree. I believe that there is no better use of land than feeding our population. The market exists to help farmers recoup the “cost of their dirt” that they grow our crops on.

    I want our city to be diverse by having a grand park AND a grand farmers market. Dorothea Dix Park is 308 acres, of which the Raleigh State Farmers Market occupies an additional 75 acres. There’s room to meet the needs of the whole community without sacrificing MY Raleigh State Farmers Market.


    Next 4/4 NC Agriculture Department